We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.
Jo Cox, first speech to parliament, 3 June 2015  

What is the Great Get Together?

Inspired by the late Jo Cox MP and her message of unity, twice a year we encourage people to come together in their communities and make new connections. In June, on the weekend closest to Jo’s birthday, these community events bring to life her ‘more in common’ message. In January, Great Winter Get Together community events demonstrate power of meaningful connection to reduce loneliness.

The Story So Far

Run a Great Winter Get Together

Run a Great Winter Get Together (16-29 January)

Winter is a tough time for many and this January we want to create places for connection. Whether young or old, anyone can experience loneliness. From exercise groups to youth clubs and art classes, we’re encouraging individuals, community groups, and organisations who run events to make their activities places for connection with the Great Winter Get Together.

Get involved

What´s going on

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