Your Great Get Together can look however you want! Feel free to be creative with the format of your event and take a look at our list of ideas. However, in all instances, we ask you to follow the safety guidelines for social distancing:


Can I use my Great Get Together to support the Black Lives Matter movement?

Yes, of course you can. We stand against racism, extremism, and violence towards black people. We stand for inclusion and for celebrating the diversity of our communities.


Who organises the Great Get Together?

The Great Get Together is organised by The Jo Cox Foundation, which is a registered charity (charity number 1170836).


Is The Great Get Together party political or about Brexit?

Not at all! The idea for The Great Get Together is about bringing communities together to celebrate what we have in common. It has cross-party backing and is supported by some of the most prominent Remain and Brexit campaigners, but it is completely outside of party politics and the Brexit debate.


How can I connect with other Great Get Together organisers?

The best way of connecting with other get together organisers is through our Facebook group.

We hope that hearing about other people’s triumphs and challenges along the way will support and inspire you to throw the best Get Together possible. You might even make some new friends along the way.


Can we fundraise at our Great Get Together?

Absolutely! You’re free to fundraise for a worthy cause at your event.

Did you know the Jo Cox Foundation, who organise the Great Get Together, are a charity? We’d love it if you wanted to fundraise for us, to help us expand our work.


The official date for The Great Get Together doesn’t work for me. Can I still take part?

Of course! The most important thing is bringing people together, so if the date doesn’t suit you go ahead and choose another date.


I live outside the UK, can I have a get together?

Yes – of course. The most important thing is bringing people together!


How can my school get involved?

We welcome schools getting involved. Depending on your school’s current situation, we suggest anything from special assemblies to themed lunches.


Should I tell you about my event?

Yes please! You can add your event to our interactive map.

You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and you can share your story, photos and videos with us using the hashtags #greatgettogether and #moreincommon.




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