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Loneliness is an issue that can affect any of us, at any point in our lives. And while we continue to raise awareness about loneliness and social isolation in ourselves and our communities as the first step to destigmatising and addressing the issue, we know that these conversations are difficult, and can prompt the need for further support.

There are fantastic organisations across the UK providing on-the-ground support for those that need it. The next step after awareness is taking action to face and reduce loneliness. We’ve curated a handy (but not exhaustive!) list of help that you or those you are supporting can turn to:


General support

  • Marmalade Trust raises awareness and provides support for anyone experiencing loneliness.
  • Mind UK has various local and national services in place to support people with their mental health and the impact of loneliness.
  • Royal Voluntary Service offers opportunities to give and receive support for those in need.
  • For immediate support, services such as Crisis Text Line & Samaritans provide immediate support.
  • Porchlight helps to reconnect people with their community to foster support networks and combat loneliness.
  • Befriending Networks is a directory of befriending services available in the UK.
  • The British Red Cross has created a tool for finding your local loneliness service.
  • The Campaign To End Loneliness provides helpful advice on managing feelings of loneliness.
  • Talking Bubble is a befriending project by Dialogue Society and Time to Help that matches befrienders with those of similar interests, and offers a variety of languages from Arabic to Russian.
  • The Connectery's podcast series, 'Is Anybody Out There?', delves into what loneliness really is and highlights diverse experiences.

Digital inclusion

  • WaveLength is a charity fighting loneliness by providing people in poverty with the media technology they need to get connected.
  • Citizens Online offers a great deal of resources and tools to help communities get digital and get online.

Young people

  • Tackling Youth Loneliness is a great starting point for resources, information and tools on the issues young people face and how to help them.
  • UK Youth shares research, resources and signposting for young people.
  • Childline is a free, private and confidential 24/7 service for anyone under 19 in the UK.
  • Student Minds is a mental health charity supporting students.

Older people

  • Reenage UK provides a befriending service for people over 75.
  • Age UK offers services including helplines, friendship services and resources for older people.
  • The Silver Line is a free, confidential helpline.
  • Independent Age offers free advice services and guides.

LGBT+ people

  • Consortium provides a useful directory of services and resources for the LGBT+ community.
  • Empty Closets offers an online community for anyone 13 or older.
  • Mind Out is an LGBT+ mental health service.
  • LGBT Foundation offers a helpline for those feeling lonely or isolated.
  • Opening Doors provides services of support to LGBT+ people over 50.


  • Carers UK offers support and advice to anyone undertaking carer duties.
  • Caring Together provides emotional support for carers.

Bereavement support

  • The WAY Foundation is the only national charity supporting young widowers.
  • Cruse offers a variety of bereavement support services.
  • Grief Encounter supports bereaved children and young people.

Refugees & asylum seekers

  • Refugee Support Network helps young refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.
  • Refugee Action provides support, resources and advice to refugees.
  • Restore offers activities including a befriending service for asylum seekers.

Disabled people

  • AbilityNet supports those living with disabilities or impairments to use technology to reach their goals.
  • Scope provides practical information and emotional support.
  • Sense is a national disability charity that helps people be understood, connected and valued.

Parents & families

  • FamilyLine provides guidance for adult family members in need of support and a non-judgmental listening ear.
  • Home-Start works with vulnerable families, and runs groups for young mums under 25 to build networks and confidence.
  • Gingerbread offers support groups for single parents and their families.

Armed Forces & veteran community


If you offer a service that supports people facing loneliness and want to be featured on this page, please email [email protected].

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