Great Get Together 2021

Taking place from 18-20 June, the Great Get Together 2021 brought communities across the UK back together after 16 months of lockdown. From bake offs and BBQs, to virtual quizzes and socially distanced street parties, people came together to make new connections and celebrate that we have #MoreInCommon.

In numbers

  • This year's Great Get Together saw an incredible 6.1 million people across the UK take part.
  • 77% said taking part increased their sense of belonging in their local communities.
  • 73% said taking part made it easier to meet new people in their local areas.
  • 90% said they felt confident organising inclusive community events after their Great Get Together.
  • 100% agreed that participation contributed to them feeling satisfied with their life.

Our partners

  • Co-running the Great Walk Together to celebrate both the #MoreInCommon message and Refugee Week’s theme ‘We Cannot Walk Alone’, with over 1000 downloads of the organiser toolkit.
  • Connecting people with differing views to have a conversation over a virtual cup of tea as part of BritainTalks, which this year achieved a record-breaking 9,500 sign ups!
  • Providing an assembly and lesson plans addressing youth loneliness for schools during Loneliness Awareness Week, in partnership with Naz Legacy Foundation and Marmalade Trust.

In your words

“I used to organise lots of charity events with my husband before he died and this is the first event I’ve actually held without him being here, I realise I still can do these things.”

“We are a fairly close community and are well used to doing things together, but as with many communities rifts sometimes appear. Holding this event in the spirit of Jo Cox enabled many people to attend to celebrate what unites us rather than to grumble about any divisions.”

The Great Get Together suggested discussion topics for us to get our chatter on, themed around home, kindness and welcome, and we definitely found we have more in common, with lots of links and connections amongst us. Liverpool is famously known as a village in a city and it really showed today.”

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