The Great Winter Get Together - 17-30 January 2022


Jo Cox said: "I will not live in a country where thousands of people are living lonely lives, forgotten by the rest of us."


Two people hugging at a Great Get Together event.

While we all experience loneliness at some points, we don’t all feel comfortable talking about it - and that needs to change. This January’s Great Winter Get Together will kick off on ‘Blue Monday’ and make the most of that New Year spirit to bring people together and normalise conversations about loneliness.


Not enough people realise that the age group most likely to experience loneliness is actually those between 16 to 24 years old. As part of the campaign, we'll be sharing resources that include young people in conversations about loneliness: from assembly packs and lesson plans for schools, to social media content from inspiring creators


Anyone can take part in the Great Winter Get Together - whether that’s by sharing your story, reaching out to someone else, or bringing people together virtually or in person (following local guidelines). If you don’t know where to start, or what to say, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Download our Loneliness Toolkit now to learn more about loneliness and how you can take action in your life.


Together, let’s show that there’s no shame in sharing.

Download the Loneliness Toolkit

The toolkit is also available in Welsh

Dadlwythwch y pecyn cymorth


Jo Cox MP speaking with school children.


Loneliness resources for schools

In partnership with The Naz Legacy Foundation, we will once again by providing an assembly pack and lesson plans - including video messages from cross-party political leaders and mental health influencers - so that all schools can ensure young people feel able to discuss loneliness. Register your interest to receive these resources.



People enjoying a street party Great Get Together.


Share your Great Winter Get Together

We love reading your stories and finding out what action you’re planning to take, or hearing afterward how it went and the impact it had. If you share your Great Winter Get Together story on social media, make sure you tag us so we can see it! Or you can drop us a message - we’d love to hear from you.



Speaking of social media…

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Thank you for being part of Jo Cox's legacy and helping to build a kinder, fairer society.

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