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Organising a community Crufts

Dogs have a special place in our hearts and studies have shown dog owners are more likely to know their neighbours, so all the more reason to get your furry friends out and about and meet some new people in a community version of Crufts (or scruffs)!

All you’ll need is:

  • A group of dogs and their owners.

  • A suitable space. This could be your street, a garden, your local park or a dog friendly venue.

  • Props and toys. Use your imagination to create fun play spaces or obstacle courses! You could try some hula hoops for dogs to jump over and through, cones to create an agility activity, or sticks and hay bales to mark out a ‘runway’.

  • Decorations to enhance the atmosphere? Try some party hats, streamers or bunting!

  • Some dog-friendly treats to keep the pooches full of energy and to reward them for their efforts!

  • Plenty of water bowls to keep the pups hydrated.

  • Snacks and drinks for the humans too, of course!

Follow this step by step guide to make your get together great, and make sure you’ve signed up for a free pack filled with even more tips, help, recipes and more!

First Steps:

Decide what, where and when

The Great Get Together is the weekend of the 16-18 June, so choose a day that weekend and a time that would work best for you. It’s important to locate a dog-friendly area that will accommodate a group and ensure both dogs and humans can interact safely. You could consider your street, a garden, a local park or a dog-friendly community space or venue.

Invite your friends and neighbours

Decide who you want to come and how you’ll invite them - and of course make sure to invite some local pet owners! You could drop invites through your friends or neighbours doors, knock and invite them in person, send an email, make a call… Make sure to ask for volunteer judges, activity ideas and helpers to set up on the day - get your guests involved! However you choose to invite your guests we have put together a whole bunch of resources to help you! Click here to download invites, posters, logos and everything you need to invite your guests.

Next Steps:

Plan the details

Have a think about what activities you’d like to have at your pet-friendly get together. Consider the type and size of dogs participating so that activities can be tailored to suit them all!

What about:

  • A puppy parade, where pets and owners can strut their stuff

  • A talent show; which doggy is the master of tricks, or can howl in tune?

  • A classic. Crufts-style, agility test

  • Offer a range of play experiences for pets too! This could include providing an assortment of toys such as balls for playing fetch, tug of war ropes and using the available surrounds, e.g. a sandpit for digging fun.

Decorate! Get creative with gingham

In Batley and Spen, Jo Cox’s constituency, they’re hosting a massive street party and covering all the tables in red gingham tablecloths. We’d love you to get creative with the red gingham theme too! Maybe you could put up some red gingham bunting, or the four legged winners could be given red gingham rosettes? Here are some ideas for getting creative with gingham.

Final Steps:

On the day

Set up the pet play area and activities, put up your decorations and prepare for the descent of the dogs. And don’t forget to get your guests involved with helping set everything up too!

Share your get together

We are so grateful that you’re throwing a get together and celebrating what is set to be an amazing weekend, so share your support online by following us and posting photos of everyone enjoying your get together! Don’t forget to tag us so we can see how great your get together was! We have put together loads of help and tips for promoting your get together online HERE


Get to know your neighbours, catch up with old friends, enjoy your get together and have fun!

Note: Be mindful of keeping any foodstuff, toxic plants or other items that are not dog-frindly out of reach of inquisitive pups.

You have plenty of time to organise your get together and we hope you have a blast planning it too! If you do have any questions, check out our FAQs page.

Advice for a organising a community Crufts comes from our excellent community events comes from our partner The Big Lunch

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