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Organising a meal, a picnic or a BBQ

If you can’t plan something big, why not keep it simple and organise something smaller? Sharing a meal can bring us so much closer together, so invite neighbours for lunch, have friends over for dinner, organise a picnic at your local park, or host a BBQ.

Follow this step by step guide to make your get together great, and make sure you’ve signed up for a free pack filled with even more tips, help, recipes and more!

First Steps:

Decide when and where

The Great Get Together is the weekend of the 16-18 June, so choose the day and time that would work best for you.

Invite your friends and neighbours

Decide who you want to come and how you’ll invite them. You could drop invites through your friends or neighbours doors, knock and invite them in person, send an email, make a call… However you choose to invite your guests we have put together a whole bunch of resources to help you! Click here to download invites, posters, logos and everything you need to invite your guests.

Next Steps:

Plan the food

If you are stuck for ideas then look no further, we have partnered with The Big Lunch who are experts in community events and they have some amazing recipes that might give you a little inspiration for what to make on the day. Or why not make your favourite meal from your childhood and tell all of your guests why? You could pick a food theme and ask everyone to bring something with them? Keep it simple with a picnic in your local park? The point is to bring your neighbours and friends together, so whatever you decide for your Great Get Together meal it is guaranteed to be served with a side of fun!

Decorate! Get creative with gingham

In Batley and Spen, Jo Cox’s constituency, they’re hosting a massive street party and covering all the tables in red gingham tablecloths. We’d love you to get creative with red gingham decorations too! Here are some ideas for getting creative with gingham.

Final Steps:

Share your get together

We are so grateful that you’re throwing a get together and celebrating what is set to be an amazing weekend, so share your support online by following us and posting photos of everyone enjoying your get together! Don’t forget to tag us so we can see how great your get together was! We have put together loads of help and tips for promoting your get together online HERE.


Get to know your neighbours, catch up with old friends, enjoy your get together and have fun!

You have plenty of time to organise your get together and we hope you have a blast planning it too! If you do have any questions, check out our FAQs page.

Advice for organising a meal, a picnic or a BBQ comes from our excellent community events comes from our partner The Big Lunch

Big Lunch