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Throw a Street Party

Get your neighbours involved and organise a street party together!

Follow this step by step guide to make your get together great, and make sure you’ve signed up for a free pack filled with even more tips, help, recipes and more!

First Steps:

Decide when and where

The Great Get Together is the weekend of the 16-18 June, so choose the day and time that would work best for you. Your street party can take place anywhere: in the road, a back garden, park, allotment, school or community centre. You might need to arrange for your road to be closed, so here's a handy guide on doing so from our partners The Big Lunch — make sure you get your closure application in early!

Invite your friends and neighbours

Do you want your street party to just to be for residents in your street? Or for anyone living in the local area? You could invite everyone within a certain postcode, all users of a particular bus stop, or a group linked by cause such as a sports club or worship group.

You could drop invites through your friends or neighbours doors, send an email, make a call… However you choose to invite your guests we have put together a whole bunch of resources to help you! Click here to download invites, posters, logos and everything you need to invite your guests.

Try to personally invite as many people as you can too, and ask them to spread the word. By doing this you'll likely find people who want to get involved with the organising too! Perhaps it's face painting, sound equipment or baking a cake — you never know what hidden talents lie lurking, and many hands make light work!

Next Steps:

Plan the food

Keep it simple. A bring-your-own picnic is a good option as it requires little preparation in advance, or you could ask everyone to bring one dish to share - that way you don’t necessarily need to have confirmation of how many people are coming, as there is usually plenty of food to go round. Take a look at some simple crowd-pleasing recipes that our partners at The Big Lunch have kindly shared…

Decorate! Get creative with gingham

In Batley and Spen, Jo Cox’s constituency, they’re hosting a massive street party and covering all the tables in red gingham tablecloths. We’d love you to get creative with red gingham decorations too! Here are some ideas for getting creative with gingham.

Put on some music

A simple way to get some background music going is to get a few households to tune in to the same radio station and open the windows to get surround sound. See if anyone plays an instrument and fancies playing a few tunes — there’s nothing better than live entertainment. Worried about licensing? Don’t - we've got you covered in our FAQs

Get Local Support

Don't be afraid to get out and about to see what people can offer for your get together. Local cafes, shops and businesses may be able to lend you things such as tables and chairs, donate food and drink or even donate prizes for a raffle. You'll be amazed at how generous local people are if you just ask!

Grow your own

Basing your Big Lunch around a group of keen gardeners is a great way to get things rolling.

You could:

  • Organise a plant or veg swap (all you need is a table with a sign on, and an optional donations pot)

  • Have a competition for the tallest sunflower

  • Offer a prize for the best tasting homegrown veg

  • Decorate tables with flowers from your plot

Top Tips:

  • Don't forget to let your local media know what fun you're up to so they can help spread the word too.

  • Try to make sure that your entertainment, games and activities are suitable for all. Here are some great ideas for street party games for all ages and abilities.

  • If you have music, make sure it’s varied, not too loud and doesn’t go on too late!

  • Set a time for lunch — it really helps to get the party started.

  • Have plenty of bins and recycling stations around to make your clean up easier and more effective.

Final Steps:

Share your get together

We are so grateful that you’re throwing a get together and celebrating what is set to be an amazing weekend, so share your support online by following us and posting photos of everyone enjoying your get together! Don’t forget to tag us so we can see how great your get together was! We have put together loads of help and tips for promoting your get together online HERE.


Get to know your neighbours, catch up with old friends, enjoy your get together and have fun!

You have plenty of time to organise your get together and we hope you have a blast planning it too! If you do have any questions, check out our FAQs page.

Advice for hosting a top-notch street party comes from our excellent community events comes from our partner The Big Lunch

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