The Difference We Make

Great Get Togethers bring together communities to celebrate what unites us and reject division. Anything can be a Great Get Together - whether it’s a street party, sports day, walk, community lunch or school assembly, Great Get Together events change the communities they are held in forever.



“I now feel like no matter what you look like or where you may originally be from, we all have something in common and that's what makes us feel like we belong.”

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 “The Great Get Together suggested discussion topics for us to get our chatter on, themed around home, kindness and welcome, and we definitely found we have more in common, with lots of links and connections amongst us. Liverpool is famously known as a village in a city and it really showed today.”

- A Great Get Together 2021 Organiser

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"We’ll always remember the time we got married in the street by our neighbours. We didn’t know any of these people before lockdown and we’ll remember that forever."

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“We’ve got different people from different countries, from different religions coming together, working together, making things happen, which is important. It’s what community is all about."

- Organiser of the Oxford Eid Extravaganza

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