The #LonelinessLooksLike Initiative


Over 3.5 million people took part in the Great Winter Get Together, our month-long winter campaign that encouraged people to face loneliness together and better understand its impact. The overwhelming majority were concerned that the ongoing pandemic would continue to cause suffering in their communities. 97% of survey participants thought loneliness would be a continued or growing problem in the months ahead.

While most of us have been feeling more lonely during the recent months than ever before, we are also more aware of the impact loneliness can have. We at the Great Get Together want to continue facing the issue together.

With support from the DCMS and its Let's Talk Loneliness campaign, we want to carry on the conversation from the Great Winter Get Together to raise awareness and reduce the stigma around loneliness. We want to hear about what loneliness looks like to you. While COVID has undeniably exacerbated issues of loneliness and social isolation for many, loneliness is a normal and common human emotion: not a pandemic issue. Now more than ever, it's crucial that we open the floor to relatable, honest conversations about our personal experiences.


Share your #LonelinessLooksLike story

We want to amplify your voices in our communications and keep the conversation around loneliness flowing. Sharing your story could help others recognise their feelings, make them feel less alone and more connected, and encourage more people to speak up too! 

Whether you want to submit a quick video of yourself talking about a time when you've felt lonely, a selfie and a description of your experiences, or a photo or a quote about something you've done to cope with loneliness... We'd love to hear from you!

You can be as anonymous as you want, and your experiences of loneliness can be from any time in your life - not just during the pandemic.

To take part, please email [email protected] with:

  • Your media (a video/photo/quote)
  • A brief description of your experience with loneliness
  • Your details (first name, age and where you're from - you can be as anonymous as you'd like!)

By submitting your story, you agree for us to use it in our #LonelinessLooksLike online initiative and communications. If you'd like us to tag you on social media, please do send through your social media handle(s) too.

We also encourage you to start the conversation on your own social media channels by using the hashtag #LonelinessLooksLike.


We know that talking about loneliness is just the first step. Click here for our handy list of services and resources that provide on-the-ground support for loneliness and social isolation.


The Common Room Series

We are also expanding our More In Common Network’s ‘Common Room’ event series. The series brings people together from across the UK to connect and exchange ideas on how we can address loneliness and bridge divides in our communities.

The next session will take place on Tuesday, 9 March during Intergenerational Week. To hear more about it, sign up to the newsletter here.

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