The More in Common Network

Quote We're a network of ordinary people with a shared vision for our communities

The More in Common Network is a collection of groups across the UK working to promote Jo Cox's powerful "more in common" message in their communities. 

What is a More in Common group?

More in Common groups are all set up and run by ordinary people with a wish to bring their community together. The groups run projects and events, build local networks and support one another in their work to build stronger, more connected communities.

Quote It has completely changed the way I interact with my local community

What does the Network offer?

Through the More in Common Network, groups receive the support, connections and advice they need to get going and keep growing. Many of our More in Common groups were formed by Great Get Together organisers who wanted to take their great work further.

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I was very moved by how all these people so different to me on paper have now become my friends

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