Oxford Eid Extravaganza

27 June, 2019 4:57 PM

In Oxford a group of volunteers held the second Oxford Eid Extravaganza, for people of all faiths to Get Together to celebrate the end of Ramadan and get to know each other better. Over 5,000 people attended from around Oxford – double their first year’s attendance.

“We’ve got different people from different countries, from different religions coming together, working together, making things happen, which is important. It’s what community is all about.

“I’ve got a child who is from a mixed heritage, it’s really important to me for him to see that people from different backgrounds can come together and actually have a lot of empathy and understanding of each others lives.”

Watch the Oxford Eid Extravaganza video or read the news about the Oxford Eid Extravaganza

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