April 06, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8:15pm

Countering prejudice and building cohesion: The More in Common way

Online event

The Common Room Series #4 
Decades of research, supported by our own experiences, show that regular positive interactions with people different to ourselves are a powerful and effective way to reduce prejudice, counter harmful stereotypes and build community cohesion. Yet we know that many people have little contact with people who are different to them, an issue the pandemic has made even harder to overcome.

How can we - as people who care about our communities - create opportunities for people to meet and build meaningful relationships with those different to themselves? What are the creative ways we can counter hatred and prejudice through community-led initiatives? 

Join us in the Common Room for a collaborative workshop, exploring how we can use social connection to counter prejudice within our communities. The session will be co-hosted by Co-Executive Director of Protection Approaches, Andy Fearn and our Communities Manager Emily Danby.

The Common Room brings together people from across the UK who share a passion for building stronger, more connected communities.


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