Great Walk Together


The Great Walk Together is an initiative run by the Jo Cox Foundation in partnership with Refugee Week


Run between 19-25 June the Great Walk Together encourages people to walk together, as a simple act of connection and to reflect on the journeys that refugees face. Walking together is one of Refugee Week’s simple acts to show solidarity with refugees


Walking and travelling together is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make meaningful connections. The very act of moving together allows for conversations to flow more effectively, for connections to be made and an experience to be shared.


Building these common experiences and connections is at the very heart of the Great Get Together and this is why we run the Great Walk Together. It’s a fantastic, simple way to take part in the weekend; whether that be as an individual, a family or with a wider community group. After all, what could be easier and more uniting than going for a walk!


You can find lots of advice and top tips on how to run your Great Walk Together in our toolkit.

You can register your Great Walk Together here.


You could also use your walk as a way to fundraise for the Great Get Together. A sponsored walk can be a fantastic way to challenge yourself and raise money for the Jo Cox Foundation

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