The Great Winter Get Together

This winter, let's face loneliness together.

Connection is one way we can face loneliness. Through all of our work, we’ve encouraged people to connect. Connections can happen in many different ways, including joining virtual events, supporting a neighbour or reaching out to an old friend.

We don’t just want this to happen for a month - we want people to build connecting into their daily lives. We want to take forward Jo’s vision of a less lonely, more connected world.

The Jo Cox Loneliness Commission was set up by Jo, before her death, to ‘turbo charge the public’s awareness of loneliness’. She wanted to shine a spotlight on the millions of people living lonely lives in our communities. There has been progress since the Commission’s report was published in 2017, but there is still much to be done. Over 9 million people in the UK say they are always or often lonely. 

This year has been particularly difficult, with lockdown and social distancing having exacerbated feelings of isolation for many people. It has also exposed more people than we could have imagined to the experience and concept of loneliness. This winter, we want to face loneliness, reduce stigma and bring people together.


Get ready to face loneliness together: sign up below.

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