Great Write Together


There are few things that unite us more than reading and writing. Reading offers us a chance to connect at a deeper level, to understand someone else’s perspective and our shared humanity while writing allows us to share our own emotions and viewpoints. 


Across the UK Libraries sit at the center of many communities, bringing different people together and offering a portal into someone else’s experience. They’re institutions that truly embody the Great Get Together’s More in Common ethos and ones whose impact we want to celebrate.


That’s why, this summer, we’ve launched the Great Write Together and the Great Read Together as part of the broader Great Get Together. These are initiatives, developed with the support of Libraries Connected, the Reading Agency and the Community Library Network, which aim to encourage libraries to take part in the Great Get Together and to use the campaign as an opportunity to reach out to their communities.


There are many ways libraries can take part in the Great Get Together; from running a Great Write Together poetry workshop to having an open day or simply offering visitors refreshments and a chance to chat. You can find ideas and more support in our toolkit.


Download the Toolkit

Whatever you choose to do, we want to know about it and include it in the Great Get Together. You can register your event here and if you need any support please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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